What is a cloud?


What is cloud hosting?

With cloud hosting, files are not stored on your own computer or server, but stored on the system of an external provider - so they are in a "cloud". The virtual storage space is used for this Cloud server from a network of physical web servers. Cloud hosting can be done accordingly not be booked as a tangible product, but only as a service. The great Advantage of cloud hosting compared to storage on a physical server: One Cloud hosting service ensures that always the optimal server capacity is available stands.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a service that allows you to store data by using the Internet or another network to an off-site system that is Third party is managed. There are hundreds of different cloud storage systems; so e.g. personal storage, one of emails, pictures, videos and other personal files Person contains or backs up, but also company storage that enables companies to Using cloud storage as a commercially supported remote backup solution, so that Businesses securely transfer or store data files or use them for various Can share locations. The size of a storage system can usually approximate that Data storage needs of a single person or company can be adjusted. The storage is accessible from any location and is not at one Application bound - can therefore be called up from any device. Companies can choose between choose three main models: the public cloud storage service, the one for unstructured data is appropriate; the private cloud storage service provided by a Corporate firewall can be protected, giving control over the data is guaranteed and the storage service of the hybrid cloud, in the public and private Cloud services merge with each other so that there is increased flexibility.

How does cloud hosting work?

Cloud hosting is a service: the user has access to via the network virtualized hardware resources, in this case web space. Known examples of the Use of cloud hosting is storing photos in a cloud by a provider or is also offered to a device manufacturer. Professional cloud solutions are used in the Usually posted when large amounts of data are stored or special web applications are hosted Need to become.

What is the difference between private and public clouds?

Private clouds are also known as “dedicated private clouds”. Like one In this case, classic dedicated servers are used only by a single customer Infrastructure and thus operates its own cloud. The advantage of this solution is the high Safety. The closed clouds are primarily used by companies. At In a public cloud, on the other hand, the hoster makes the cloud available to a larger number of customers Available. This model allows a high scalability, so that every user the optimal Hosting service receives and - depending on the model - only paid for the service it provides uses.

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